Introducing a brilliant mind: Leon Yeh


This guy.

Without him there would be no ngnINE.

@leonyeh is a brilliant, visionary who always strives to make things better, easier. For his customers, his products, his results and his own growth. And he can pivot like nobody else. When I approached him initially about ngnINE, I had no idea he had ample experience in creating data management solutions for the car and aerospace industry. He built systems for Toyota and Northrup Gumman for heavens sake! I learned so much from him through tour work together, not only about software, coding, development and UI design but also strength, growth, his favorite hiking spots. We shared ups and downs, frustrations, head-agains-the-wall-banging moments. And our wins. Together we brought to life what was just an idea at the beginning. And through this we became friends. Thank you, Leon, for everything you have done for us Apparel People. Fashion People. You have made our life so much easier.


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