Will other Brand have visibility to my information?
No. Unless you give someone access rights by setting them up as a user in your account, no one has access to your data.
What if I decide to no longer use ngnINE, will I have access to my product information?
Yes. You have the ability to download all Tech Packs as PDF and excel versions as well as the material database as excel version from your workspace before you cancel your subscription. Before you do so, please contact us so we get the opportunity to make ngnINE work for your business.
How many people can work simultaneously in ngnINE or within a style?
As many people as you have given access. One of the benefits to ngnINE is that no coordination on who can work on a file when is necessary to avoid overwriting each other's information.
When is ngnINE 'finished'?
The short answer is: Never. It's technology after all which advances extremely quickly. We are committed to creating and offering the most advanced technology features available.
I work with more than one factory. How can I ensure they only see the styles they are working on?
Choose our 'Plus' plan to manage more than one factory
I'd like to give this a try but am not ready to fully commit. Can I try it for free?
Absolutely - all our plans come with a 30 day free trial including on-boarding and tutorials so you can assess how ngnINE can help your business as quickly as possible.
I'm an entrepreneur and just starting out - will ngnINE work for me?
No worries, we got you covered. Actually you are the reason why we built NGNINE. We want to empower the fearless just like you. IF you are serious about getting into this, we have the Basic package which will cost you $350 a year including three styles and three users to get you started. This will allow you to assess your market, work with a factory and have up to two internal users to get going on your dream. We believe by following our Onboarding series you'll get all the info to confidently start this journey.
Does ngnINE support pre-costing?
Yes. But based on raw material usage only at this point. As long as material prices are captured in your material database and usage is maintained in the BOM you get a good picture on garment cost based on the raw materials. We are working on a solution with factories to enter CMT and factory profit.
Are mills connected to the lab dip feature?
Right now, mills are not connected. The current lab dip features can be used as an internal tracking tool and you will still have to communicate with the mill directly. But factories and all other users can see lab dip status with our color coded system right in the BOMs. We know this is a real need and we are working with mills to collaborate on a solution.

We are stoked to have you!

Please allow up to 48 hours for us to get you on board. In the meantime, click here to download our manual and sign up for our video training in the academy.